Woodland Hills Bergendal, the new development, is offering developers and prospective homeowners the opportunity to invest in a beautiful natural living environment that can be accessed via the northern entrance, in proximity of Northridge shopping mall and the Shell Ultra Garage.

This newly developed area is ideal to build your new dream home. Living in Bergendal, you will also have access to the administration buildings, the community hall, the outdoor gymnasium, as well as the hiking and walking trails, all contributing to an estate lifestyle. Nearby are excellent schools, shopping centres, and medical facilities.

Besides the above average return on investment of more than 30% over the past six years, there are other factors that make this a sound investment. These include the security at the estate, good governance, maintenance of facilities, the replacement of roads, water and electricity supply, streetlights, as well as immaculate landscaping and drainage.

One hundred and five full stands and twelve sectional title stands make up phase one of the Bergendal development.